About Us

Our history

Beacon was established in 2013 for the purpose of providing independent and high-quality support to individuals and their families in England who need help navigating the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment, resolution and care planning / commissioning processes.

Beacon evolved from a service offered by Age UK Oxfordshire, and we now operate as a registered social enterprise, with a core set of ethical social objectives and values through which all of our work is delivered. Beacon itself is not a charity, but we are a non-profit organisation.

For almost a decade, our team of specialist caseworkers have fought for people trying to navigate the maze of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding.

We are the only Continuing Healthcare support service that is endorsed by Age UKParkinson’s UK, the Spinal Injuries Association and EAC FirstStop.

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What we do

Through expert advocacy Beacon enables people to be heard and to enact real and positive change in their lives. We help people to understand their rights and the realistic options available to them, equipping some of those most vulnerable in society with the knowledge and insight to make meaningful and transformative decisions.

We do this by offering reassurance and expertise through two separate services:

  • We are the chosen supplier for the NHS England-funded Free Information & Advice Service for Continuing Healthcare, and;
  • We deliver chargeable representation and casework services in NHS Continuing Healthcare across England

Free Information & Advice Service

Beacon operates the NHS England-funded Free Information & Advice Service through which we provide free advice to over a thousand people every month. Rest assured that we remain staunchly independent.

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Representation and Casework services

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a really complex area and it is not always possible to navigate it alone.

Our expert team of advisers and caseworkers are all highly trained professionals who work solely in this area. At Beacon we pride ourselves on our exceptional bespoke, values-led service, unrivalled by law firms working in this area. We get to know you and your loved one because, in our experience, a deep understanding of the person and their care needs is key to achieving a fair and accurate funding assessment.

It is our unique approach that’s enabled us to recover over £19million for our clients, and overturn funding decisions in around two thirds of appeal cases.

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