Information & Advice Service feedback

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Testimonials from Information & Advice Service users

Since 2014 we have provided the Free Information & Advice Service for CHC in England, on behalf of the NHS.

Our Information & Advice service team is made up of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals from varying professional backgrounds. All are experts in CHC and experienced in communicating with individuals who may be going through stressful and emotionally difficult times.

We are so proud that over the years that we have been running this service, our team has regularly received unsolicited feedback and testimonials for the quality of the advice they have provided.

We have compiled a small sample of this feedback below.

“Thank you to my adviser for the helpful conversation yesterday. The advice was very balanced and informative. You articulated the need to examine the detail of the records and how they might, or might not, fit with the requirements of the NHS CHC application. Your advice was realistic and objective and I am most grateful for the service which Beacon provides.”
“The information I received about CHC from Beacon, including the Navigational Toolkit, is the most useful thing anyone has pointed me towards in five years as a social worker. I have recommended the toolkit to many of my colleagues, and I have also given Beacon’s details to family members of people whose relatives are having DSTs.”
“I am a big fan of Beacon, having been CEO of a charity until 2018. I have seen first-hand the critical role that Beacon plays for so many people. Now that I am personally affected, I feel so relieved to know that you are still there fighting so hard to support people within this very harsh and unfair system. A big thank you – your information was fabulous.”
“Thank you so much for this wonderfully clear and expert advice – the service Beacon provides is so valuable and helpful. We are so lucky to have compassionate people like those at Beacon who know how to navigate the complexities of the CHC system – without whom, so many would be left without access to the support they rightly deserve. The team at Beacon bring to mind that immortal line from Roald Dahl when Charlie shows his integrity by sacrificing the everlasting gobstopper, giving it back to Willy Wonka who smiles triumphantly and murmurs, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” I believe the provenance is Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, when Portia exclaims, “How far that little candle throws its beam, so shines a good deed in a naughty world”. Thank you for listening and supporting – keep on shining!”
“I am totally in awe of what you at Beacon do. Just opening your last email made me realise how valued your organisation is. We received excellent advice and support from Beacon from the first initial contact to the conclusion of the assessment. The knowledge of the CHC procedure was never in doubt but the professional, helpful and friendly way we were helped through the assessment was very reassuring for nervous clients. We were granted the funding thanks to the expertise of Beacon.”
“I wanted to thank you for the information pack that you sent to me this year. I am happy to tell you that with the aid of the information that you sent me I have been able to get Continuing Healthcare for my wife. I could not have done so without your help. It will bring me a great deal of relief now that I no longer have to struggle alone. Please accept my very grateful thanks.”
“I have nothing but praise for the team running this much-needed service. Their in-depth knowledge of CHC funding is exceptional. The advice given to me by the team was crucial when I challenged the outcome of the CHC assessment of a relative. I am doubtful that, without their input, the claim would have been successful. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone seeking support with a CHC assessment.”
“Today I called for some information but was unfortunately cut-off just as I had been connected to an agent. To my surprise about 10 minutes later I received a call-back. I spoke with an adviser who was very knowledgeable and I received the information and assistance I needed. I am impressed with the call-back service and the capability of your telephone service.”
“Not only was my 60-minute advisory session with a specialist advisor fantastically informative, but also, in the gentlest possible way, I was made aware of areas in my and our family’s approach, that might secure some gains (if not in this appeal, then in our next DST or eligibility review). In what has been an exceedingly stressful, disappointing and upsetting experience applying for CHC it was not only useful, but really very therapeutic to speak to someone with such a calm, kind and professional approach.”
“Thank you so very much for your comprehensive reply to my enquiry about CHC. I could not have hoped for more information given by yourself and supported by the free downloads. I felt more positive in my approach with the staff as I understood exactly where I stood, how much input I could contribute, and what points I should emphasise.”
“Thank you SO much, you have been a light in what has been a very dark tunnel. I wish I had a better vocabulary to put into words just how much your advice and telephone call has helped when all the people you might have expected to be there to help and support you have failed.”
“Thank you to your wonderful team for all your kindness, patience and expertise. I can’t thank you enough for all your advice – it really helped keep it focused, relevant and personalised to the person.”
“Thank you so much for your time, dedication, knowledge and compassion. Just to be heard and understood is very validating. Please know that whatever the outcome, we are truly grateful – your advisers have kept our faith and hope in the goodness of human nature alive – it makes such a difference.”
“Thank you so much for your time with me this afternoon and for your patience in walking me through a very complex process of steps, procedures and lengthy documentation. You have been so generous with your time and this has given me a guide and an idea of what to do. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, it has been very valuable to us as we continue fighting for my in-laws while they are unable to.”
“Your helpline was invaluable to me in explaining what the process was and what evidence I would need to collect, which is what has enabled this [successful] outcome. Myself and the family are very grateful for the support of our adviser who was so sensitive and spotted things we hadn’t.”

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