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We are so proud that clients who use our paid services appreciate the personal and compassionate approach that we strive for, combined with our unrivalled expertise in NHS Continuing Healthcare.

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“I am so glad I put my trust in Beacon, even in the face of differing advice from a reputable legal firm. Their in-depth understanding of the NHS network and ability to navigate it were key in finally delivering a successful outcome.”
– Tina (November 2023)
“The support we received from our Beacon advocate has been priceless. Knowledgeable, tactical, calming and confident. We were so lucky to have managed to get this support from Beacon, and so thankful.”
– Amanda (July 2023)
“We wished we had known about Beacon and used them for advocacy at the initial DST, and would certainly suggest that to anyone starting on this process as it may well save a lot of time and heartache in the long run. Throughout the process everybody we dealt with at Beacon was fantastic – friendly and diligent in their work and support. Highly recommended”
– Nick (June 2023)
“Very helpful advice and advocacy from this company. The lady dealing with our case was diligent, hard working and compassionate. She kept me up to date every step of the way and I really felt she did a wonderful job in preparing and pre planning at the care home and for supporting our case on behalf of my mother. I would highly recommended her and this company to anyone. We don’t get the result we were looking for but so happy we tried”
– Ralph (May 2023)
“I wanted to thank Beacon CHC especially my caseworker who has supported my appeal for CHC. I was finally deemed eligible after so many rejections (3 previous rejections). Navigating the NHS CHC system can feel like you are drowning and not being heard. This was the first time that I was appealing a decision and using Beacon’s services but it was worth it as we finally got the outcome that we wanted. The services I used were: Expert Analysis Service, Appeals Service and the Continuing Healthcare Assessment Service. Throughout all these processes, I was given clear advice and support and my case worker met all of the appeal deadlines on time. There was transparent costing – this is really important because I never felt out of depth financially (there were no hidden costs, everything upfront). I am over the moon at finally being heard and finally having a care package that meets all of my needs and that’s thanks to Beacon and my hard-working caseworker”
– Matty (May 2023)
“Beacon were responsible for overturning a decision made on my partner’s eligibility for CHC. From first contact, the advocate assigned to me was obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and so easy to communicate with. I never once felt like I was dealing with an organization. Their ability to listen and read the situation gave me confidence to appeal the decision and overturn it. I cannot praise them enough for the way our case was handled and should the need arise again I would not hesitate to involve them”
– Tim (December 2022)
“I would thoroughly recommend Beacon who are extremely friendly, supportive and had extensive knowledge of the minefield that is CHC funding. From the original assessment they were able to give a thorough breakdown and established if they could be of any assistance. They were able to explain the process in detail and the timescale that they expected before we instructed them to act on my dad’s behalf. Most of all they treated my dad as a person and they help support me and the family through the process. Anyone that has been through the CHC process will tell you it’s not an easy pathway but with Beacon’s extensive knowledge and background I felt we went into the assessment on a level playing ground rather than the odds being stacked against us. Thank you for all of your help and support”
– Kevin (March 2022)
“I would have no hesitation in recommending Beacon. They have a very good success rate for cases they take to appeal and an excellent reputation in their field – even amongst competitor law firms (who charge considerably more). You can choose the extent to which you want them to get involved and this is reflected in the price”
– Tina (January 2022)
“A ray of hope in dark days. When the NHS suddenly stopped funding my CHC package with 30 days notice, the local authority couldn’t start funding any of my care needs for 6 months and I had to borrow money to pay for my basic care needs. Thankfully, I was introduced to Beacon CHC who guided us through the tortuous appeal process. Beacon is hugely knowledgeable, work collaboratively, and they are very experienced”
– Ruth (October 2021)
“We used the Beacon paid-for service because of a complex case. It dragged on over several years, but we were helped and advised the whole way by the same Beacon adviser. Ultimately we won at national appeal and the eligibility decision was overturned! We would not and could not have kept going without the help of Beacon who did an enormous amount of work, in particular putting together the appeal documentation. They gained a lot of familiarity with the case to put into it all. I have a professional job and yes, I could have done it myself in principle, but you need a lot of time, stamina and mental energy and to do a lot of research when you have other things to think about. In reality I would have dropped it without Beacon, who made it possible for us, supporting all the way. We could not have succeeded without them”
– Jim (July 2020)
“All my contacts at Beacon were helpful and I was speedily put in touch with a person qualified to deal with my questions. There was no pressure put on me to engage the paid service, though after availing myself of the free 90-minutes of advice available, I did subsequently decide to use the paid service. This I found to be expert and comprehensive and very useful in my appeal”
– Dominic (November 2020)
“We have been through a retrospective CHC funding claim process which has taken over six years to come to a successful conclusion, after appeal. We are so glad we made contact with Beacon, after a long time struggling by ourselves. Not only are they experts in CHC, probably unrivalled, but they also care deeply about the people they are helping. Their advice and guidance enabled us to present evidence and argue our case in a way we would never have achieved without them. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have succeeded without Beacon’s support. I have no hesitation in recommending them highly to anyone who is seeking advice regarding CHC”
– Mike (March 2019)
“My brother and I would like to thank Beacon for all your time, patience and compassion. If the PCT had acted with half as much consideration as Beacon, this matter would never have arisen”
– S.B
“I have no reservations in thoroughly recommending Beacon for all things relating to CHC funding. [Our Beacon caseworker] was quick to grasp the full scope of what was quite a complicated case. She was thorough in her analysis, timely and precise in compiling the Appeal, complete with supporting data obtained from various sources and specialists. Her Appeal submission held the NHS to account regarding shortcomings in their procedures. She also provided well reasoned justifications for levels of need in each domain, and finally argued for a better understanding of the Key Areas and Application of primary health need test in my wife’s case. Her expertise was critical in obtaining a successful appeal and she eased the burden on me at a deeply distressing time. She and I were on the same wavelength throughout”
– J.P
“I would like to thank Beacon for the assistance and have very much appreciated the efficiency and professionalism throughout the whole process. I feel very fortunate to have received the assistance of the service provided through Beacon. Prior to being involved with my husband’s CHC assessment, I had no experience of the process and having the support of Beacon has been very reassuring. As a result of the informative case presented a successful outcome was achieved, and I am certain I would not have achieved this without Beacon’s assistance”
–  J.B
“A year ago our Helpline team were getting several calls a day about Continuing Healthcare. Invariably, the caller was a carer for someone with Parkinson’s, whose needs had become so substantial that they were struggling to cope. They’d hoped that Continuing Healthcare might be the solution to providing the care their loved-one needed. In such situations, carers might be called on night and day, and be emotionally and physically exhausted. So engaging with CHC, Some carers had invested a lot of energy in trying to understand CHC, or argue their case, and be/were variously bewildered, confused, angry or tearful when the language, the process, the assessment seemed impossible. We had studied the National Framework and other documentation and could offer guidance on eligibility, process and answer most questions. But it was a godsend when we were able to learn from you the finer points and check our understanding; and to issue the excellent documents that guide carers through the legal background, the assessment process and the appeals. Carers have so valued these texts that validate their concerns, are rooted in their experience, and guide and empower them to move forward positively and appropriately. For them, and for people just discovering CHC, it is so good to say that they can also phone you direct and you can offer independent advice, based on your extensive, specialist experience of this field. Keep up the good work!”
– Ian Adams (Parkinson’s UK)
“I appreciated Beacon’s personal and professional help throughout the appeal process for my wife. They gave me great moral and practical support through an often intimidating process”
 – C.L