Beacon and Continuing Healthcare Alliance welcome frank report from parliamentary committee

Posted on: January 17th, 2018 by Amy

The Public Accounts Committee has today (Wednesday 17 January 2018) issued a report that makes recommendations to improve the NHS Continuing Healthcare system.

Responding to the report, Matina Loizou, Chair of the Continuing Healthcare Alliance (of which Beacon is a member) said: 

“This report is a victory for so many vulnerable, unwell people in England who have been waiting too long – many to the point of breakdown or even death – for their right to adequate care.

“While this report shows their voices have been heard, we still have a long journey ahead of us: NHS England and the Department of Health must be held accountable for transforming this cruel, unfair system to make it fit for purpose.

“What we need is funding. We know the NHS is stretched, but with the aging population on the rise, it should be investing in continuing healthcare – instead, we’re seeing cuts throughout the country, meaning more people will be left out in the cold than ever before. The Public Accounts Committee report presents a glimmer of hope and we anxiously await the NHS’s actions in response to the recommendations.”

Anyone with questions or in need of advice can contact Beacon’s free and independent Continuing Healthcare Information and Advice Service on 0345 548 0300.


Also responding to the report, Dan Harbour, Managing Director of Beacon and the Continuing Healthcare Information and Advice Service, said:

“We welcome the Public Accounts Committee’s frank assessment of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC), and their spotlight on five areas in which the system needs urgent improvements.

“Every day, through our helpline, we hear from families affected by delays, poor assessments, inconsistent policies and bad decisions that leave them without care funding. Many of these people are already going through the toughest time of their lives – a time when our public services should be supporting them.

“We wholeheartedly support the recommendations made by the Committee for improved scrutiny, accountability, training and consistency of NHS CHC across England. We also share their concerns that the proposed £855 million of savings in this area by 2020 will inevitably result in funding cuts that leave more of the most vulnerable people in society without adequate care.

“Working with our colleagues in the Continuing Healthcare Alliance, we’ll continue to press for and support improvements in the system towards consistent, fair and accountable care funding nationwide.”

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