Beacon is 10! Marking a decade, in numbers

Posted on: May 1st, 2024 by Amy

On 6 May 2024 Beacon CHC marked 10 years since it started trading.

Beacon was born out of Age UK Oxfordshire and runs the NHS England-funded Free Information & Advice Service for Continuing Healthcare (CHC), which we have delivered since 2014. Beacon also provides private casework and representation services, and training and consultancy for CHC delivery services. In marking this 10-year milestone, we want to highlight the importance and impact of the work Beacon does, and continue to call attention to the need for improvement to the system for those who use it.

Over the past decade, the Free Information & Advice Service for CHC has:

  • Responded to 115,000 contacts made via phone or email, providing free support to some of the most vulnerable people in society to access care and funding to meet complex care needs
  • Distributed 60,000 free comprehensive information packs (Free Navigational Toolkit) in digital and hard copy
  • Made information resources freely available online which have been accessed by over 750,000 users (unique IP addresses)

Through its private casework services Beacon has:

  • Directly recovered over £20m in care fees that should not have been paid by vulnerable individuals
  • Advocated on behalf of hundreds of individuals to improve the quality of their care packages, remove blockages and ensure they have the right level of care required – in the right location – to meet their needs

Our team says:

“For a lot of people the CHC process is a complex, overwhelming and lonely experience. Beacon’s work offers reassurance to individuals who are struggling and in need of support.” (Chris, Information & Advice Service Manager)

“I value working for an organisation with real integrity that supports and empowers people to access the care that they or their loved one is entitled to. I am proud of the fact that we challenge bad practice and unfairness whenever possible and ensure that the system adheres to the policy and ethical standards. We all want social justice and fairness for our clients, and for them to be empowered and given a voice so that they are not disadvantaged through their personal circumstances or understanding of what can be a very confusing and daunting CHC system.” (Martyn, Caseworker)

“Beacon is the product of many years spent developing and delivering a unique type of specialist advocacy in a highly complex and often misunderstood area of health policy. Looking back to where our story began, I recall us receiving calls from all over the country asking our small team of advocates in the South-East region to provide similar services outside of our patch. 10 years later I am proud of the way we have developed and delivered honest and effective advice and advocacy services whilst using our expertise and data to influence positive change alongside our charitable partners. Working with – rather than against – statutory colleagues to achieve system-wide improvements is always challenging when protecting your independence and the rights of those you are representing, but I am grateful for the opportunities provided to us by NHS and social care organisations, and members of the CHC Alliance to work together in the spirit of cooperation to make such improvements.


Most of all I am immensely proud of what our incredible team of dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled professionals has been able to achieve for so many of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. We are living in difficult times with so many challenges facing our health and social care systems – the ever-increasing number of calls to our helpline is testament to the level of need in our communities. Beacon stands ready to do all we can to ensure many more thousands of people receive the care they need, in the right location, at the right time, and with the appropriate funding at such a critical time in their care journey.” (Dan Harbour, Managing Director)

“I value Beacon’s policy of working in a manner which is ethical. This does not just mean that we are empathetic, show kindness, and give 100% in our support for every client, but that honesty is always the best policy. We always give an honest assessment of the potential for success in any given case in order that our clients can make choices which are informed and evidence-based.” (Gemma, Caseworker)

“NHS Continuing Healthcare is such a complex subject to understand, and if funding is awarded it can make a huge difference to people who are eligible, and their families. These are just two of the reasons why Beacon’s work continues to be so important.” (Andrea, Information Officer)

“The Beacon team speak to members of the public on a daily basis and hear the sad reality that the services we deliver are required now more than ever. I am proud to work for an organisation in which every member of the team embodies, and every decision is made through the lens of the values that it was founded on a decade ago. Beacon is a company which operates with honesty, integrity and the personal approach and I am privileged to be a part of that. I am also proud of the relationships we have built, and continue to build, with CHC bodies, partner charities and trusted media outlets.” (Amy Sumner, Marketing and Communications Executive)

“The Beacon team are from a diverse range of backgrounds, but we share our passion for helping people and promoting positive change through the work we do. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Beacon team and being able to learn from one another. Ultimately, we all strive to put the individuals going through the CHC process at the very heart of what we do, and that is what really connects us.” (Gina, Caseworker)

“From day one I felt welcomed into the family-orientated company. Beacon, to me, feels like a voice for those who didn’t know they had any other options when it came to loved ones going through very difficult times. The advocates and advisors at Beacon are genuine, honest and most of all sincere in helping those people and taking away some of the burden families have to go through.” (Tamzyn, past Administration Assistant)


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