Beacon is 10! Reflecting on its unique position within CHC advocacy

Posted on: May 1st, 2024 by Amy

On 6 May 2024 Beacon CHC marked 10 years since it started trading.

Beacon was born out of Age UK Oxfordshire and runs the NHS England-funded Free Information & Advice Service for Continuing Healthcare (CHC), which we have delivered since 2014. Beacon also provides private casework and representation services, and training and consultancy for CHC delivery services. In marking this 10-year milestone, we want to highlight the importance and impact of the work Beacon does, and reflect on the unique position within CHC advocacy Beacon has come to occupy.

Beacon has, throughout these 10 years, established formal trusted partnerships with statutory services, the BBC and other media outlets, public bodies, and some of England’s leading charities including Parkinson’s UK, Age UK, the Spinal Injury Association and more. It is a proud member of the Continuing Healthcare Alliance which works with local decision makers to improve CHC and campaigns to improve the system.

These trusted partnerships and avenues of communication have helped Beacon carve out a unique place for itself in CHC advocacy. This, coupled with its extensive experience and historic knowledge of CHC over the years, has resulted in the position Beacon occupies being second to none.

Beacon’s work with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) CHC Reference Group, and other organisations on policy improvement and training initiatives have resulted in numerous notable achievements, including:

  • Writing two national e-learning modules for the NHS, and contributing to the evaluation and revision of several others
  • Delivering additional NHS-commissioned projects including running focus groups on national policy updates; research projects into the quality of CHC information in the public domain; and supporting the development of local PHB and Choice & Equity policies
  • Comprehensive national policy support including the drafting of new elements and scrutiny of 2018 and 2022 revisions
  • Supporting the National Audit Office investigation into CHC and giving evidence to a Parliamentary sub-committee in 2018
  • Successfully campaigning for the implementation of historic guidance around fair access to appeals which had originally been rejected by policy makers, improving the experience of tens of thousands of people in England going through the appeal process in recent years
  • Delivery of an extensive programme of training and consultation services to CHC services across England
  • Regular stakeholder engagement with the PHSO to discuss trends in the delivery of CHC
  • Delivery of training to third sector organisations, community groups and lived experience groups (such as carers) about different aspects of CHC to support them in their roles

Our partners say:

“Beacon has been an invaluable resource for our specialist Care Advisers who support members of the Parkinson’s community with NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) enquiries. Their extensive specialist knowledge and understanding of the system is critical, as is their independence in challenging decisions and advocating for people. We’re delighted that Beacon has played an active role in influencing the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England to improve the policy and operational implementation of CHC for everyone who needs it, including those living with Parkinson’s. They have been a key member of the Continuing Healthcare Alliance, sharing their comprehensive knowledge and pushing for improvements to CHC.” (Parkinson’s UK)

“Being able to direct callers towards Beacon is invaluable to both us and our callers, knowing that they will get the expertise offered by Beacon, and understand what options are available to them going forwards. Beacon have the specialist knowledge and are a trusted resource for all things CHC, both in terms of their advice line and the information provided on their website.” (Age UK)


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