Beware misleading guarantees in CHC casework

Posted on: July 24th, 2020 by Amy

Callers to our helpline this week have told us that a Continuing Healthcare firm is claiming guaranteed success in CHC appeal casework.

This is shamefully misleading and we urge people to think very carefully before proceeding with any firm that makes such claims, while asking for fees upfront.

We understand some people will be very tempted by such guarantees because of the additional hardship caused by delays to CHC appeals during the COVID-19 emergency.

However, we’ve been working in this area for nearly two decades, and can say with confidence that it is never possible to guarantee success. The variations across the country in CHC process, and in the interpretation of eligibility criteria, mean that you can never be 100% certain, even with a strong case and expert representation.

Our view is that firms who guarantee success in this way, do not have the best interests of their clients at heart. They risk raising false hopes and letting people down very badly, at an already extremely stressful time.

Our free guide contains a list of questions you should ask before paying any firm for representation at appeal.

For free advice and information on any aspect of NHS Continuing Healthcare, please call our helpline.

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