CHC Full Form

What is the ‘CHC full form’?close up of hands writing with a pen

When people refer to the ‘CHC full form’ they probably mean the Decision Support Tool – also commonly referred to as the DST. This is the paperwork that must be completed by assessors during a Full Assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Assessors use the full form/DST to organise and record the evidence about the individual’s care needs into 12 areas or ‘domains’, which are:

·         Behaviour

·         Cognition

·         Psychological and emotional needs

·         Communication

·         Mobility

·         Nutrition – food and drink

·         Continence

·         Skin and tissue viability

·         Breathing

·         Drug therapies and medication

·         Altered states of consciousness

·         Other significant care needs

The assessment team then decide the person’s level of need across each domain – ranging from ‘No Needs’ to ‘High’, ‘Severe’ or ‘Priority’.

You can download a blank Decision Support Tool here and find out more about the CHC assessment process here.

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