Consultancy Services

Organisational guidance from CHC experts

Beacon is frequently invited to contribute to national NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) policy development and local delivery development. We also review information resources about CHC produced by public and third sector organisations.

We have been actively engaged by NHS England in the Strategic Improvement Programme. During the update to the National Framework in 2017/18, Beacon led delivery of user focus groups on behalf of the Department of Health.

Other consultancy services:

  • We were part of the team who wrote the first national NHS CHC E-Learning programme; co-wrote the Dispute Resolution module, and reviewed others. We were also involved in re-writing the E-Learning modules in 2016 and we supported NHS England with the 2018 update.
  • We have supported individual CCGs (now ICBs) in writing local policy and procedural documents, and reviewed public information literature and correspondence templates.
  • We have conducted independent audits of multidisciplinary verification panels to ensure robustness and consistency in decision-making.
  • Our Managing Director Dan Harbour has been a guest speaker at the Westminster Briefing on the future of CHC and was invited by NHS England to sit on the interview panel for Independent Review Panel Chair appointments in 2014.
  • We managed an information resource research study for NHSE (2018) looking at the quality of information in the national arena, on CCG websites and literature, mystery shopping, and conducting survey and focus groups across the country.
  • We review and advise on amendments to CHC guides produced by the Motor Neurone Disease Association, on an ongoing basis.
  • We were invited to give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee’s inquiry into CHC in 2017.
  • We managed a public consultation for NHS Oxfordshire’s Equity and Choice policy (2019).
  • We are members of the Department of Health and Social Care’s CHC stakeholder group.


If your organisation needs support or input from leading independent experts as you develop Continuing Healthcare policy or resources, email to find out how we can help you.