Free advice service goes from strength to strength

Posted on: June 9th, 2017 by Amy

In October 2016, NHS England renewed our contract as the lead provider of the Information and Advice Service for people needing help to navigate NHS Continuing Healthcare, which we set up in 2015. The expert advice provided by our service has helped thousands of people to understand the complexities of the criteria, prepare for assessment and to get care paid for.

In the last financial year alone, our service advisors have completed 6,513 telephone advice calls, 3,156 in-depth (up to 90 min) consultations and 1,563 written consultations. Further, nearly 2,500 people have accessed our free Navigational Toolkit to help them understand the complex system and processes.

Everyone at Beacon is incredibly proud of the Information and Advice Service, and the outcomes we can help to achieve for callers.  Here are just two examples from many successful cases:

  • Sarah* was dissatisfied with the decision that her elderly father – who has complex health, psychological and behavioural issues – was not eligible for CHC funding. Through the free service, Beacon evaluated the decision and advised Sarah on the grounds to challenge it. She was successful, the decision was overturned, and her father was awarded full funding for vital one-to-one care.
  • Margaret’s* mother was unlawfully asked to pay top-ups for her care for three years. With free advice from Beacon, Margaret was helped through the process of seeking recompense on her mother’s behalf. She was reimbursed over £35,000.

Dan Harbour, Managing Director of Beacon CHC said: “When a loved one has substantial, ongoing care needs, life can be really tough and stressful, and getting through the CHC process can be an added pressure. Our callers have peace of mind that we’ll always give independent expert guidance to help them navigate that process, and it won’t be followed by a whopping solicitor’s bill.”

To contact the Information and Advice Service call 0345 548 0300 or contact us via the website.


*not the callers’ real names

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