Your Checklist Screening Assessment

Expert support via our Checklist Advocacy Service

Our Checklist Advocacy Service is designed to support you with the Continuing Healthcare screening process, which is the first stage of assessment. This is for people who have been notified that a Checklist screening is due to take place and would like our help to ensure the Checklist is carried out correctly. We can also help to arrange the Checklist. Our experienced caseworkers will help you to understand the Checklist criteria and to prepare for the screening, giving you the best chance possible of meeting the criteria to progress to the next stage of assessment.

Checklist Advocacy Service

The Checklist Advocacy service includes the following:

  • support to help you arrange the Checklist screening by liaising with your chosen referrer or Integrated Care Board (ICB), where necessary
  • liaising with the referrer (the health or social care professional completing the Checklist) to secure the involvement of the right individuals, ensure all relevant information is considered and the process conforms to national policy
  • a desk-based review of relevant care records in the two working days before the Checklist screening, provided this information is received by our office no later than two working days in advance of the meeting
  • a consultation with you of up to 90 minutes, in the two working days before the Checklist screening (in person or virtually), at which we will help you to prepare for your own role in the meeting by understanding what NHS Continuing Healthcare is, how the Checklist screening will unfold, how to interpret the Checklist tool, and to help us gain a sufficient understanding of your current health and social care needs
  • participation in the Checklist screening meeting either in person or using virtual technology (video conferencing or teleconferencing) as an expert advocate, presenting your health and social care needs in such a way that promotes an accurate Checklist screening which maximises your chances of progressing to the next stage of assessment
  • a 30-minute de-brief after the assessment meeting has taken place to prepare you for the next steps and discuss any queries arising from the meeting

Please note that this service is for ‘current’ checklist assessments rather than retrospective checklists which generally span a longer assessment period.


Our Checklist Advocacy Service has a fixed cost of £1,200 (plus VAT).

To enquire about our Checklist Advocacy Service call us on 0345 548 0300, select option 2, and leave a message with your enquiry. Alternatively you can email or fill in a contact form.

We will respond to your enquiry for representation within 48 hours. Please try to contact us as soon as possible in advance of your assessment and let us know if there are any important dates we should be aware of.

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