How to make a complaint about NHS Continuing Healthcare

Free advice

If you have had a bad experience of the NHS Continuing Healthcare system, you may wish to make a formal complaint.

Our expert advisors can answer your questions about making a complaint. If you are already in the complaints process, we can give clear advice on the next steps to take.

Call our FREE Information and Advice Service
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This service is completely free (apart from the cost of the call), with no strings attached, because we are paid by the NHS to provide this service in England.

Don’t worry, we are proudly independent, and will give you honest and clear advice.

Please note, we provide information and advice on matters and complaints relating only to NHS Continuing Healthcare (also known as NHS Continuing Care). To find out how to make a complaint about any other NHS service, take a look at the information on the NHS Choices website

Paid case management

If you would prefer to pay us to handle the complaint process on your behalf, we can refer you to our casework team (but we will never pressure you to do this).

Common complaints we handle are:

  • top-up payments imposed by a CCG, which should be fully-funded by the NHS
  • unreasonable delays in assessment
  • exceptionally poor assessment procedures that have had a significant impact on the quality of the assessment
  • failures in the care planning or personal health budget process including where individuals have been denied their rights
  • medical negligence relating to NHS Continuing Healthcare


How much does it cost?

Our NHS Complaint Service is charged at our hourly rate, which is a fraction of most solicitors.

You have complete control over the costs because we won’t tie you into a long contract and we’ll discuss the number of hours required before proceeding at each stage.

To enquire about our NHS Continuing Healthcare Complaints Service call us on
0345 548 0300 or email

Our other services

If you need help preparing for an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment, talk to us about our Assessment Support Service.

If you’ve already had an assessment and are trying to decide whether to appeal, we recommend our Expert Analysis Service to scrutinise your NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment and decision.

If you have been assessed as not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, and wish to appeal, our Full Appeal Management Service can lead the process on your behalf.

Of if you’re not looking for casework, but have questions about your assessment and NHS Continuing Healthcare, simply contact our Free Information and Advice Service.