Position: Caseworker

Martyn is a Caseworker who joined Beacon in 2018. As a Caseworker Martyn works on a variety of cases, from assessing the strength of a case (as part of Beacon’s Expert Analysis service) to assisting clients with CHC appeals from the Local Resolution stage to Independent Review (NHS England) and the Ombudsman (PHSO). Martyn is a qualified Independent Advocate (City and Guilds) who previously worked for SeAp (The Advocacy People) as part of the Devon team. Prior to this Martyn worked in journalism, teaching, public relations and social care.

Martyn says:

‘[During my time at Beacon] there have been a number of highlights but the one that stands out is helping a client to recoup over £280K in care home fees (for her late father’s care) after a very long, complicated and drawn-out process.’

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