Our response to crowdfunding campaign for a judicial review into CHC

Posted on: October 16th, 2020 by Amy

With the support of a professional legal team, retired Rear Admiral Philip Mathias is preparing to launch a judicial review of the Government and NHS England, over the Continuing Healthcare system.

On his crowdfunding page he says:

“I am now taking legal action against the Government and NHS England to expose the scandal [of CHC] and to hold them to account.”

Rear Admiral Mathias’ actions follow his experiences of CHC, while seeking healthcare funding for his late mother. His campaign has attracted financial and moral support from people who’ve had similar experiences.

Dan Harbour, Managing Director of Beacon CHC, says:

“The public support for Philip Mathias’ campaign reflects the strong feelings about the CHC system that we encounter every day from clients who turn to us for help. Rear Admiral Mathias is passionate about this issue, and I have no doubt he’ll be an effective representative for those who’ve already donated to support the legal challenge.”

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