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Recently the Department of Health and Social Care released updated policy guidelines to help those submitting requests for retrospective Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding. The guidelines were produced with input from member organisations of the CHC Alliance including Beacon, as well as other advocacy and healthcare professionals.

Retrospective assessments for Previously Unassessed Periods of Care (PUPoCs) are accessible for individuals who think they should have been considered for funding at the time, but were not. If an individual is found eligible, redress is made to cover the costs of care that should have been paid for by the funding.

Many CHC firms encourage individuals to apply for a PUPoC assessment whatever the costs, however in our experience these types of assurances should be approached with caution as historically only a very small percentage of individuals have been successful in their applications. No firm, regardless of credentials or experience, can guarantee a favourable outcome to an application.

Explore below our repository of resources which aims to answer your questions and support you with Previously Unassessed Periods of Care.


Online resources

These longer form articles set out what a PUPoC is and when an individual may be eligible; provide helpful tips for applications; and identify the areas of policy which have changed.

What is an NHS CHC assessment for a Previously Unassessed Period of Care (PUPoC)?

Applying for an NHS CHC assessment for a Previously Unassessed Period of Care (PUPoC) – tips and advice

2023 updates to PUPoC policy guidelines – what’s new?


Guides & documents

DHSC Guidance setting out the principles and processes for addressing NHS Continuing Healthcare previously unassessed periods of care requests


How we can help

We are currently refining our paid services in light of this new guidance. If you require support in the form of advocacy or to understand if you have a PUPoC case, you can submit a contact form online, ensuring to choose ‘PUPoC assistance’ as the reason for your request. Please try to contact us as far as possible in advance of any important dates and let us know if there are any significant dates we should be aware of. We will get back to your request for assistance as soon as possible.

If you are in need of free support and guidance regarding PUPoC you can click here to access our repository of free online resources for PUPoC, and click here to download our Free Navigational Toolkit which includes expert guidance and advice on all aspects of CHC, including definitions, processes and timescales. Details of how to contact our Free Information & Advice service can be found here.

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