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We’ve put together a Free Navigational Toolkit which is designed to answer a number of common questions about NHS Continuing Healthcare and to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current system.

Beacon’s Free Navigational Toolkit aims to help people who are going through the long-term care funding process make sense of what can be an overly-complex system. The Toolkit is designed to assist anybody in England who may be requiring long-term care for the first time or are at any other stage of the continuing healthcare process, to understand whether they may be eligible, prepare them for the assessment and to help them navigate the appeal process.

All the guides in our Toolkit are available for immediate download.

The following documents are included in the Toolkit:

  • How We Can Help
    An overview of who we are, our expertise, our commitment to you and our pricing.
  • Guide to Continuing Healthcare Assessments
    If you have just requested an assessment or have one coming up, we recommend that you start with this document.
  • Guide to Continuing Healthcare Appeals
    If you want to appeal an eligibility decision or you are already going through the appeal process, we suggest you start here.
  • Continuing Healthcare Legal Background
    A guide to the legal framework and important cases that have influenced NHS continuing healthcare policy. This is background information.

To receive your Free Navigational Toolkit digital download please enter your details on the right hand side of the page. A separate page will then load where you may download the guides. We recommend that you download all four guides so that you are able to refer to them as needed.


Request a printed Navigational Toolkit

If you require a physical copy of the Toolkit to be sent to you by post, please click here. Please note there will be a small charge of £12 for hard copies which represents a cost of £10 + VAT at 20%. This cost covers administration and postage costs only, Beacon does not make any profit from the shipping of hard copy Toolkits. Payment can be made via card or Paypal, via the above link. If you are not able to make payments online please call 0345 548 0300. Please consider the environment before requesting a physical copy of this guide.

Please note we expect to ship within 5 working days. Unfortunately we cannot ship Toolkits internationally.


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