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Should I appeal a Continuing Healthcare eligibility decision? Our expert guide

Posted on: August 31st, 2023 by Amy
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Image courtesy of Elliot Manches via the Centre for Ageing Better age-positive image library In this article we outline the grounds on which you can appeal a decision about eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. This may help you to decide whether to launch a challenge. Every year, thousands of people are assessed for NHS funding for long-term care, called NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC). According to the National Audit Office, around two-thirds of assessments conclude that the person is not eligible for funding. This can be a huge blow to individuals and their families, and often …read more

Ensuring the best chance of an accurate CHC Assessment

Posted on: May 12th, 2023 by Amy

Image courtesy of Peter Kindersley via the Centre for Ageing Better age-positive image library The NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessment, sometimes known as the Full Assessment, is a detailed appraisal of your care needs, which uses a form called the Decision Support Tool (DST) to decide if you are eligible to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. A Full Assessment is usually triggered when an individual ‘passes’ a screening stage using the Continuing Healthcare Checklist. It is also performed for people who are already eligible and are being reassessed to see if they remain eligible. The assessment is coordinated …read more